How to keep your mattress clean - A DIY guide

How to keep your mattress clean – A DIY guide

We spend around one-third of our lives on our beds. Hence, a mattress is an important investment we make. Mattresses, if taken care of, can have a long lifespan. A natural latex mattress can last up to 12 years, a heavy density memory foam mattress can give you around 10 years and a light density memory foam mattress around 8 years. Proper cleaning of the mattress on frequent intervals is advantageous for it’s lifespan and durability. It will also stop allergen build-up and keep it fresh and healthy. 

7 Tips to keep your mattress clean

A good night’s sleep starts with the right mattress and a good bed, so it’s important for you to know exactly what to do to take care of your mattress. Good mattress cleaning techniques are very important to help your mattress last you longer, and provide you with more amazing nights of sleep. After all, a mattress is a big investment, and we should take care of it well. We give you the 7 best ways to keep your mattress clean. 

Invest in a vacuum cleaner

The easiest way to keep your mattress dust-free is vacuuming. Get a vacuum which comes with an upholstery attachment so as to not damage the cover or the pillow top. Start the process of vacuuming from the top of your mattress and work your way down. Pay extra-special attention to any trim, cracks, and crevices. Repeat this process on all the sides and the underside as well. 

To keep odours at bay, sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress. If you notice areas where the odour is especially bad like a spot where your pet sleeps, scrub to gently rub the baking soda in. Let the baking soda sit for a few minutes.

After the baking soda has had time to work its magic, you can vacuum it all up. A combination of regular vacuuming and a sprinkle of baking soda will leave your mattress looking clean and smelling fresh. If you have a steamer, you should also run this over and under your mattress before using the vacuum as this will help to kill and remove any dust mites near the surface of your mattress.

Use protection for your mattress

Add an extra layer of protection for your mattress for those long nights of sweet dreams. And when we are having a deep sleep, accidents tend to happen. Your pets or children might have more accidents as well. Mattress cover doesn’t only save your mattress from such accidents but also reduces the chance of bacteria growth. Livpure sleep has the best mattress protector you can get and you can get it in a size customized for your mattress. Always remember to wash your mattress cover in hot water at regular intervals or after any major bed accidents. 

Make the stains go away 

To have the mattress protected, always make sure to make the stains go away as soon as possible. If you drop a liquid, immediately solace a towel or a microfiber cloth to suck the liquid up. You can mix dish soap and water in a 1:1 ratio and apply it on the stained area and let the mixture sit till the stains come out. You can also find many upholstery shampoos specifically made for mattress cleaning and use it to clean your stains. If you have a natural latex mattress, you can use natural products like baking soda, vinegar or lemons to get rid of stains. If you have a memory foam mattress, you should avoid any harsh chemicals to clean it. Also, wash your bedding so that there is no buildup later on.

Wash your bedding

Washing your bedding in hot water with a good detergent is necessary at frequent intervals. It is especially important when you have children or pet in the house. It is also something to do when you have a habit of eating food on your bed. Foreign particles can encourage bacteria and mite growths in your bedding and mattress as well. 

Keeping humidity in your bedroom controlled

Dust mites thrive in moist air, so by keeping the humidity in your bedroom as low as possible, you can control the growth of dust mites. You can use a portable dehumidifier to help with this and should aim to keep the room’s humidity levels of between 30 and 50%. Trust us, this will help your mattress have a long life. It is actually the best to not drink or eat on the bed to avoid any kind of accidents. 


Dust, pollen, insects and microbes, are plant-loving, but essentially, in this case, mattress loving is well. They do add to the aesthetics of the bedroom and making it soothing and welcoming, but it can be really harmful to your mattress. If you still want to make your bedroom look nice, try fake plants instead! 

Deodrising your mattress

You sweat and dry skin buildup over regular nights on the mattress will leave not on your mattress smelling bad, but your will eventually start smelling off as well. There is an easy way to get over this. Use baking soda and gently scrub it in your mattress surface, especially your latex mattress, instead of a synthetic deodorizer, and let it sit for some time. Later, vacuum it to get rid of any extra particles and those dry skin particles. Latex mattresses work with organic things the best. You can use baking soda for memory foam and other mattresses as well instead of a store-bought deodorizer and it will work like a magic as well. 

Sleep clean and healthy

Sleeping hygiene is very important to you. Just as you invest in keeping your body toxin-free, having immunity boosters in your diet and having something warm before bed, having a shower before bed also helps a lot to maintain sleep hygiene. Also, invest in good quality bedding and mattress as well. On Livpure sleep, you will find everything you need to have the best sleep ever! 

Cleaning a mattress is a breeze even if you do not have fancy ingredients at home. A clean mattress is not only a long term friend for you, but also keeps you healthy and disease-free, and keeps your bed and the bedroom smelling good. Waking up to a fresh smell just makes your day! 

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