Month: October 2021


Horrors of Parasomnias

In parasomnias, there are unexpected and unpleasant bodily sensations that cause sleep disruption. These are disturbing for you and the ones who share a bed with you. It causes conflict between people and can result in poor sleep quality.  What is Parasomnias? Undesirable behaviours that people experience before sleeping are known as Parasomnias. These behaviours …

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Women suffering from sleep disorder

10 Scary Sleep Disorders

Wasn’t sleep supposed to be peaceful? Yet when you experience sleep disorders, getting rest is the last thing on your mind. Catching on to a good night’s sleep might be tricky when you have a sleep disorder. Here we have curated a list of the “10 most terrifying sleep disorders” one encounters due to several …

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Dr Rachna Khanna Singh

Impact of Sleep on Health and Wellness

Health is a universal human condition. Every individual needs to maintain it in order to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle. It comprises of both, the physical and mental components within itself. It needs to be constantly kept in check to maintain the equilibrium in the body. It is for this reason that it becomes …

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Dr Rachna Khanna Singh

How to Deal with Depression and Anxiety with Good Sleep

A healthy body can be defined as a body free of any illnesses. However, usually, amid physical chaos and suffering, individuals forget to pay equal attention to mental health illnesses which are just as fatal for the human body. Illnesses such as anxiety and depression subtly interrupt everyday functioning and hence usually go unnoticed. They …

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