Month: August 2021

How long can you stay awake without sleep

How Long Can You Stay Awake Without Sleep

Deadlines, side hustles, staying up all night watching cat videos, a newborn, insomnia- there are many reasons people aren’t sleeping the required number of hours every night. Around seven to nine percent of adults suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation means you don’t get enough sleep. Most adults need seven to nine hours every …

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Poor sleep causes weight gain

Poor Sleep Causes for Weight Gain

We all must get a night of good sleep every night. If we sleep well, we feel refreshed, energized, and prepared to conquer the day. But if we have poor sleep, we feel fatigued, sluggish, and irritable. And if we are chronically sleep-deprived, we slowly develop daytime sleepiness and it hampers our ability to function.  …

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meditation for better sleep

Meditation for better sleep

Meditation encompasses a range of mind and body techniques accustomed to promote a state of relaxation. With an extended history dating back thousands of years, meditation is now beginning to gain popularity again and is currently practiced by almost most people for various reasons. Researchers are increasingly inquisitive about the potential of meditation as a …

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Tips to avoid naps this monsoon

Ah, the monsoon. Almost everything is pleasant, nostalgic, and romantic about the rains- of course till you fall prey to viral infections, sore throat, cough, and cold. In this weather, you just feel like napping all the time. This might be due to a lot of reasons. Along with relief from the heat and freshness …

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How Meditation Helps for Insomnia

How to keep your home clean and dry in the rainy season

Just like our body needs a bit of extra care during the monsoon season, our home also requires some preparations and changes to be ready for several things that come together with the rainy season. We are not just talking about germs and bacteria, but also about moisture and dampness that leaves a musty smell …

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